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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Civic Mayor of Tameside.
Tuesday 5th August 2014 @ 10:08 by Becky Cahill


Most 74-year-old men, not to say most mayors, might raise money for charity by hosting a fund-raising dinner or perhaps a sponsored walk. However, that would be too tame for Cllr Dawson Lane. He’s going to throw himself out of an aeroplane.

The Mayor said: “It might sound mad to some people but to me it seems like a lot of fun. Maybe it’s because I worked as a roofer for 50 years that I don’t have a fear of heights.

“Many people my age have tried skydiving. In fact, during the D-Day 60th anniversary celebrations last June, Jock Hutton, a former Parachute Regiment soldier, recreated his 1944 jump at the age of 89. I’m a relative youngster compared with him.

“To be honest I can’t wait. It’s a challenge I’m really looking forward to, and if I can make some money for charity, so much the better.”

The Mayor’s skydive will take place at the Black Knights Parachute Centre in Lancaster, on Saturday August 23. All the money raised will go to to all of his mayoral charites equally.

Steve Jones, of Northern Tool Hire, Mossley Road, Ashton, has supplied the Mayor with £500 to pay for the cost of the jump.

Anyone wishing to donate can do so through this link