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Twin Atlantic, Manchester Academy, Tuesday October 28 2014
Wednesday 29th October 2014 @ 10:45 by Anon Anonon

Six years ago Twin Atlantic, by their own words, were playing to ten people at the Roadhouse in Manchester.

ON THE UP: Twin Atlantic return to Manchester following the release of their third album in August.

ON THE UP: Twin Atlantic return to Manchester following the release of their third album in August.

“But tonight, this song is for those ten people who came to the Roadhouse all those times six years ago,” shouted lead singer and rhythm guitarist Sam McTrusty.

It shows the progression of a band three albums into their seven year career, swapping a venue with a 300-strong capacity for one that crams in 2,600 people instead.

Coming on stage to a near full capacity crowd at Manchester Academy last night, the Scottish rockers eased into the night with the opening track – The Ones That I Love – from new album Great Divide.

It is the new album that features most heavily throughout the four-pieces 20-song-set, which in all honesty could of done with being a couple of songs shorter.

A few too many slow burners, despite being well received, contradict the kind of atmosphere McTrusty tried to instil into his audience.

A constant cry of appeal for the crowd to loosen up was always followed in the majority by a largely sombre crowd, but with one or too many slow-paced songs interrupting their set, Twin Atlantic quickly lost the momentum they gathered in between their bigger hitters.

But despite that, there was no such dip in performance, just too much dabbling with the fast/slow switch that bands such as Pixies have polished to perfection.

On the whole however, the Glaswegians showcased their sublime talent and performed in front of perhaps the best LED backdrop at the Academy since Phoenix re-invented how to impress with stage design at the Academy back in February this year.

Twin Atlantics stage presence more than matched the thought put into their stage design, and McTrusty even managed to pull the crowd through every rock cliché possible, from mosh pits, to sitting on the floor to waving lighters – or in last night’s case, mobile phone backlights – through the air.

“Forgive me Manchester”

Prior to the majority of the crowd dropping to the floor during Time For You To Stand Up, Twin Atlantic had to re-start the song three times, with McNulty telling the crowd: “Forgive me Manchester, I think I’ve left my brain back in Glasgow, I can’t play my guitar anymore so if the song does kick in I’m sure you’ll all lose your marbles.”

Thankfully, the song did kick in, and personally, was one of the shows highlights – along with The Ghost of Eddie and I Am An Animal – as it proved just how at ease the four-piece are on stage, laughing their way through the mishap before McNulty encouraged the crowd to boo him after telling them: “You should feel very privileged, this has never happened before.”

Four songs followed before the encore, including the excellent Free and the mass sing-along that was Crash Land.

It was a three song encore that followed to cap off their set, with the crowds highlight of the night coming as Twin Atlantic powered through their newest anthems in the form of Brothers And Sisters and Heart And Soul, the latter of which is the bands highest charting single to date.

There was definitely room for Twin Atlantic to improve, but as their upward journey to a stadium band continues, the four-piece are showing it won’t be long before they are the finished article.

They might have only been playing to ten people at the Roadhouse six years ago, but in another six years’ time, Twin Atlantic will most probably be looking back to last night with the same sort of nostalgic ‘intimate crowd’ sentiment that they do now with the Roadhouse.