Councillors welcome installation of Simmondley bollards
Monday 7th November 2016 @ 16:02 by Adam Higgins
Glossop Chronicle News

The widening of a footpath and installation of bollards on a main road in Simmondley has been welcomed by two councillors.

Derbyshire County Council has spent the last two weeks carrying out the work on Pennine Road, opposite the village’s main shopping area.

A council spokesperson confirmed the scheme to introduce nine black posts and increase the size of the pavement will make it a safer route for youngsters who walk to nearby Simmondley and Dinting primary schools, and prevent cars from driving on the pavement.

The changes, implemented directly by Chapel-based DCC workers during half-term to keep disruption at a minimum, have been widely well-received by residents on social media.

Simmondley councillor John Haken, who lives near to where the improvement works have took place, was absolutely delighted to see the bollards in place and praised the council for a job well done.

He told the Chronicle: “It’s the culmination of eight years and lots of people in the community and both councils working to get these done.

“When people who use the shops are parked on both sides of the road it obstructs the traffic and it’s easy for road users to have their wing mirrors clipped.

“It’s a positive step for safety and for the public. I’m really pleased DCC were able to do this work.

“They’ve done a thorough job – they’ve even scraped back the grass verge which will make it easier for pedestrians.

“The road system was laid out in the 1950s when at most people had one car per household and lorries were small.

“Now, people have two or three cars per household so there are lots more cars and the road was not designed for bigger lorries which deliver more frequently. The bollards have been necessary for a long time.”

Glossop councillor Damien Greenhalgh, who like Mr Haken has been campaigning for the changes, said they have been many years in the making.

He added: “I have friends who live in Simmondley and it’s always been a problem, even before I became a councillor.

“There’s only space for four cars outside the shops but there are lots of inconsiderate drivers who choose to park on the other side on double yellow lines – even when there is a car park around the corner.

“They mount the kerb and with the pavement being narrow it’s difficult for pedestrians to walk.

“The owner of the land was a developer in the 1970s – now technically the Queen is the owner of the land but its public land for public use.

“We’ve wanted to make these changes for years but financing it has been the problem.

“The biggest issue now is the bend on to Simmondley Lane but nothing much can be done about it. It’s a narrow junction but this is a common problem.”