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Another brick in the wall in Tintwistle
Thursday 1st June 2017 @ 14:27 by Adam Higgins
News Tintwistle

Heavy traffic crossing the Pennines is knocking lumps out of a roadside wall.

The wall in question happens to run alongside the start off the Woodhead Pass and is part of the A628 boundary wall close to the centre of Tintwistle.

It has become badly damaged and in need of repair.

But who picks up the bill could lead to a confrontation – because it could land in the lap of Tintwistle Parish Council.

Members learned at their latest meeting that Highways England, who maintain the road, deny responsibility.

Because the land is on ‘parish council land’, they say it’s the council’s duty to do the repairs.

Damage done: The wall which has been loosened by vehicles travelling along the A628 Woodhead Pass  

Cllr Marianne Stevenson, however, disagrees.

She said: “When a truck went though the wall further up the road some time ago they (Highways England) repaired it, so why not now?”

The parish council is contacting Derbyshire County Council to see if it can help.

Chairman Cllr Bill Clarke believes there is no time to wait.

He told colleagues: “The hole is getting much worse. We now need to get some estimates (for repairs).

“We should now get in touch with our insurers and get some estimates in.”

Sections of the wall have been knocked down or loosened by heavy goods vehicles for as long as villagers can remember.

Wear and tear caused by thousands of wheels driving inches past it every day have also had an affect.

The Chronicle has also featured many photographs over the years of lorries which have crashed through the wall onto the field 10 to 15 feet below.


Main picture:

Damage: The wall which is being damaged by passing traffic in Tintwistle.


By David Jones