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Glossop girls’ sweet support for Manchester attack appeal
Tuesday 27th June 2017 @ 11:01 by Adam Higgins
Glossop Chronicle News

A group of Glossop school girls have done their bit to support those affected by last month’s terror attack in Manchester.

Isabelle Austin and Emily Kourpas were at the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena on May 22 but managed to escape to safety before the explosion which killed 22 people and injured many others.

Huge fans of the American singer, who turned 24 on Monday, the friends also attended the We Love Manchester benefit concert at Lancashire County Cricket Club’s Emirates Old Trafford ground earlier this month.

The two Year 8 pupils from Glossopdale Community College, together with fellow friends Hannah Gooch and Nadia Papps, organised a cake sale during their morning break last Thursday and raised a fantastic £99.80, which Isabelle boosted to £100 by putting in an extra 20p!

A keen fundraiser and baker, it was Isabelle’s idea to hold the sale to support the appeal for the families of the victims of the terrible events in the city.

Posting on her Instagram account, the 13-year-old from Hadfield said: “Every single day I still think about it and the 22 innocent people who lost their lives due to pure evilness.

“This past month has been so hard but I am so much luckier than other unfortunate people who went to the concert to have an amazing time and never came out again.

“I am still in shock and it still feels so surreal but every day gets that little bit easier. Today was amazing! I hope I am doing all of you Manchester angels proud. I love you. Just keep on looking forward because there is always a rainbow on the other side.”

Heartfelt: Isabelle’s lnstagram post in full after holding the cake sale

Isabelle went to the concert with her sister as a present for her 13th birthday and her relieved mum Alison spoke of their fortunate escape as they were, thankfully, able to flee unhurt.

“It was the first time they had gone out together and Emily was there with her mum at the concert too. Izzy had been messing with her phone and her coat which delayed things which was just as well because they were situated in the lower tier and had to make their way up to the exit to the wall where the foyer is.

“As they went to the top, that’s when they could hear what people thought was a gunshot. They then frantically jumped through chairs to get back down and thankfully one of my friends who was also there recognised them and got them out by one of the fire exits as me and her dad were waiting outside in the car.

“Everyone was panicking and Emily had phoned her dad to say they thought a gunman was on the loose. Thankfully they got out as quickly as they could have done.”

Treats: Some of the delicious cakes the girls made, topped with the ‘One Love Manchester’ logo

Exactly a month on from the atrocity, Isabelle wanted to do something to mark the date and Alison said the cakes went down a treat.

Explaining how the idea came about, she said: “Emily and Izzy made cakes and brownies, baked them at home and took them into school. There were some lovely One Love Manchester cakes and some with the Manchester bee, which was a nice touch.

“Nadia made some cookies too and Hannah helped with the sale. The cakes went down really well with the pupils at school. I spoke to one of the teachers and they said the cakes had sold out within four minutes!”

“Izzy thought of it and then suggested it to her friends and decided to set a date as being June 22 – exactly a month on from the attack which was fitting. It was a good day to do it and helped them come to terms with what happened.

“It’s been a very hard and difficult few weeks for them but the school have been very supportive. Izzy was okay at first but has been a bit emotional in the last couple of weeks. It was Ariana’s birthday this week and she was very excited and singing along to her music – she is a big fan.”

“Izzy loves fundraising and baking – she raised just over £100 for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital around six months ago. I know Emily and her mum do a lot of baking at home too. I am sure the girls will carry on doing something else.”

Alison has also been getting involved in the fundraising effort at work, as one of the senior sisters on the cardiac intensive unit at Manchester Royal Infirmary.

The team have raised at least £100 so far by selling raffle tickets for a bumper hamper consisting of prizes donated by staff and a cushion emblazoned with the Manchester bee, which was made by Alison’s friend Vicky Dean, who donates £5 for each cushion she sells for £20 to the appeal.

Tickets are £1 each and can be bought by visitors to the cardiac intensive unit.

Buzz: The bee cushion which is part of the hamper being raffled off to raise funds towards the Manchester terror attack appeal


Main picture:

Sweet idea: (left to right) Hannah Gooch, Madia Papps, Isabelle Austin and Emily Kourpas holding their cake sale