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REVIEW Curtains at St Mary’s Parish Hall
Tuesday 13th June 2017 @ 10:38 by Adam Higgins
Entertainment Reviews

The matinee performance of the latest play by the Let’s Act Theatre Company in Glossop’s St Mary’s Hall last weekend had the large audience in peals of appreciative laughter.

Called ‘Curtains’, the original comic whodunit set in the 1950s opens in a Manchester nightclub raided by two rival gangs.

One gang flees to Glossop and, in disguise, takes refuge in the Partington Theatre where they are cast in a murder mystery.

Phil the Boss (Phil Martin), Casey Kowalski (Jonny Furlong) and Ange (Amy Harris) expertly blended buffoonery with threat.

Albert Wolstencroft (Nick Birchill) and Sally (Sarah Hussell) played their sparring young lovers with real talent.

Binkie (John Tyrrell) and Celia (Val Tyrrell) were hoots as haughty am-dram actors, while Sue Nash and Vanesa Baggott multi-tasked magnificently as dancers, usherette, shop-girl and actors.

Married couple, De and Paul Burns, worked the audience well with a machine gun and metallic jacket.

Much of the comedy was created by Margaret Burke and Cath Broadbent as bossy prompt and put-upon side-kick.

Steering the whole company with flamboyance was Joe Brownbridge as the arty theatre director.

The Let’s Act Company raised hundreds of pounds for St Mary’s Restoration Fund and promises another production in the winter.

This review was written by an audience member who wishes to remain anonymous.