Hadfield girl’s sponsored run for Manchester appeal
Monday 10th July 2017 @ 08:42 by Adam Higgins
Hadfield News

An eight-year-old girl from Hadfield has raised hundreds of pounds for the We Love Manchester appeal by doing a sponsored run she arranged herself.

Charlie Goodwin, who goes to St Charles’ Primary, came home from school one day recently and decided she wanted to do something to support those affected by the terror attack at the Manchester Arena, which claimed the lives of 22 people last month.

So, the Year 3 pupil organised a run around the area with her dad Chris and managed to raise a fantastic amount, in the region of £420.

Charlie’s proud mum Jenny Walker told the Chronicle: “They had spoken about what happened in Manchester in school and Charlie had asked me about it.

“She just came home from school one day and said she wanted to do something for the appeal. She asked whether she would be able to do a sponsored run and I said yes, of course.

“So, she set up a sponsor form and got some sponsors, mainly from family, people at my work and her dad’s work, and friends and teachers at school.

“She put the funds into the collection tub near the entrance at Tesco in Glossop for the appeal and the manager came out to speak to her and congratulated her.

“It was all entirely off her own back. I’m very proud of her.”

With her old man guiding her along the way, Charlie ran approximately four miles and had chosen to do it on a challenging day as it turned out!

Jenny added: “It was a couple of weeks ago and was one of the hottest days of the year so she had to run and walk a bit. She ran from our house in Fay Gardens to Glossop train station, caught the train to Dinting and then ran all the way back home.

“She is quite a sporty person and likes doing gymnastics which is why she decided to do a run rather than something like a cake sale. Such is the person she is, when she told her friends who didn’t have any money, she said she would do it anyway and I had to say that’s not the point of a sponsored run!”


Main picture:

Sharing the love: Charlie (right) wearing her We Love Manchester cap with her mum Jenny after embarking on her run in aid of the appeal