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‘Brilliant’ exam success for St Philip Howard
Friday 15th September 2017 @ 10:30 by Adam Higgins
Glossop Chronicle News Schools

St Philip Howard Catholic Voluntary Academy head teacher Louisa Morris has described the last 12 months as ‘outstanding’ and the latest set of GCSE results as ‘brilliant’. 

She said the percentage of pupils attaining a Grade 4 (equivalent to a Grade C) or above in English and maths had again been maintained, despite major changes taking place at GCSE level nationally.

With the new-style GCSE examinations in England, the most difficult since the end of O Levels in the 1980s.

Particularly impressive results were by head girl Laura Noon, who achieved four A*s and four As, and head boy Jack Ginnis, who achieved two A*s and six As.

The academy said they are ‘incredibly proud’ of all of their pupils’ achievements.

While acknowledging the ‘enormous achievements of the most able is very important’, Mrs Morris says what gives her the greatest pleasure is the consistent progress that many of the pupils make, irrespective of their ability or starting point.

She said: “St Philip Howard is a truly inclusive school that does support, mentor, nurture, encourage and celebrates every single pupil.

“We have fantastic dedication from the pupils and an unwavering belief from staff. The fabulous support from our parents, especially over the last year, has been very much appreciated, thank you so much.

“Behind every set of examination results, there is a personal story of hard work, commitment and perseverance, which we are keen to celebrate.

“We are absolutely delighted that the hard work of the pupils has been rewarded with these marvellous results and are incredibly proud, well done the Class of 2017!”

The academy say the results allow their pupils’ excellent opportunities to follow the path of their choice, whether that be to further education, apprenticeships or further training.

During the summer holidays, further investment has been made in food technology, drama and performing arts.

A statement from the academy said: “St Philip Howard offers a fantastic range of subjects at both KS3 and KS4, however it’s education is also designed to equip pupils with more than just good grades.

“Pupils also get the opportunity to choose their options in Year 8, which allows more teaching time to the pupils so that they can confidently meet their ‘Personal Best’.

“In addition, for pupils to succeed beyond the school environment, SPH is committed towards their pupils being able to demonstrate independence, confidence and determination.”


By David Jones