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High Peak drivers warned to curb their speed
Sunday 8th October 2017 @ 19:57 by Adam Higgins
Hayfield News

A Hayfield man has put up his own warning sign after a car ‘crashed’ through a boundary fence and into his garden.

John Crellin claims the collision was the fifth incident on the A624 in the last eight months.

He said: “No other cars ended up in our garden, but one did come close earlier this year at the same junction – stopped only by the telegraph pole.

“Other incidents have occurred at this same junction, plus others further along this stretch of road.”

It is this that has led to him contacting Derbyshire County Council to ask for traffic calming measures.

John and his wife Emma want the speed limit on the Chapel Road stretch, running down to the New Mills Road junction, reduced from 40 to 30 miles an hour.

They also want safety barriers between the A624 and their property for safety reasons.

Mr and Mrs Crellin say that, at the moment, they are afraid of letting their three daughters, aged two, three and eight, play in the back garden.

Accident zone: One of Mr and Mrs Crellin’s daughters playing in their back garden, which has been damaged as a result of a recent crash

The Crellins live next to the road which, due to a serious accident many years ago, had the speed limit reduced to 40 miles an hour and traffic cameras installed.

Mr Crellin said he believed that accident also caused damage to the boundary of his property.

Speaking of the latest collision, he said: “Thankfully the children were not playing in the back garden at the time. The vehicle involved stopped just short of our children’s summer house.

“The consequence of this incident could have been far more devastating had my children been playing in this part of the garden.

“The fact that a vehicle can enter our garden from an incident and that there are no safety measures in place after a series of incidents is not acceptable and I would request that suitable safety measures are put in place.”

Mr Crellin is asking for action which will make the road safer for pedestrians and road users, not only in Hayfield but from a much wider area.

He has contacted Councillors Tony Ashton, Peter Easter and Beth Atkins for support.

A Derbyshire County Council spokesperson said: “We have been in touch with Mr Crellin and are liaising with the police to investigate the cause of the accident at his property to allow further analysis to be carried out.”


Main picture:

Warning: The sign John has created next to the main road


By David Jones