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Town hall clock set to strike again
Friday 2nd March 2018 @ 13:58 by Nigel Skinner
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Glossop’s Town Hall clock could be ticking back to life for the first time since falling silent more than five years ago.

The 120-year-old timepiece is being inspected with a view to getting it working again.

That’s welcome news for everyone living in what’s been labelled ‘the town where time stands still’.

High Peak Borough Council gave the news following a Freedom of Information request by local resident Debbie Higgins.

She put in the plea after becoming tired of seeing the fingers of the four-sided clock permanently set at 12 o’clock for as long as most people can remember.

Debbie, who lives in Glossop, wanted to know if there were any plans to repair the town’s best loved landmark and get it working again and, if so, when?

Her other questions were:

  • Following rumours of asbestos in the clock tower – she wanted to know if there was any, and if so, was it close to the clock, the type of asbestos and whether it poses any danger?
  • Would any asbestos have to be cut, moved or disturbed in order to repair the clock?
  •  And can it ‘at the very least’ be lit up while the repair or removal of the clock goes ahead?

Replying to the request, the council say a survey of the clock ‘will be undertaken in 2018 as part of a plan to repair the clock’.

The council could not confirm the presence of asbestos until the survey is completed.

As to lighting, it was impossible to say until access arrangements and the repair programme had been established.

The clock was made in 1897 by William Potts and Sons and appears regularly in old photographs of Glossop town centre through the ages.

Originally clockwork and regularly wound by a council employee, the mechanism was subsequently converted to electricity.

It fell silent following an inspection of the Town Hall and Victoria Hall which identified various faults.

This resulted in the first floor of the library building and the town hall being closed, together with the clock tower.

Glossopdale people immediately called for repairs to get the clock back ticking and chiming again. They claimed it gave a poor impression of the town to visitors, particularly as it was opposite Norfolk Square.

We asked High Peak Borough Council if they wished to outline what repairs were likely to be involved and when they would begin. We did not receive a response  as we went to press, but it is likely the council will wish to comment next week.