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Fond farewell to Glossopdale School
Wednesday 25th April 2018 @ 17:36 by Nigel Skinner
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Glossopdale School held a memory-making day when former students and teachers dropped in to say their goodbyes.

The scene was held at what’s now called the Foundation Stage site at Newshaw Lane which will soon come crashing down.

Its place will be taken by sports fields and gardens surrounding the school.

Before that happens, principal Steve Playford and his team wanted to give locals the chance for a last nostalgic visit.

Visitors were given a chance to re-live memories of when the collection of buildings was known as Hadfield Comprehensive, before the merger that would become Glossopdale School.

With current students taking the tours, visitors took photographs, chatted to those they once knew and generally soaked up the atmosphere.

Visitors included past students who are now grandparents and former teachers such as Norma Westwell, who taught English in those busy, but now echoey buildings, from 1979 to 1999.

There’ s still more to come before the old Newshaw Lane and Talbot Road sites shut for the last time.

Such as a school disco at the end of June in Talbot Road’s Hall 1, a re-union for all the school’s music members and a ‘Glossop Site Finale’ also in Hall 1, both in July.