Jeremy Corbyn visits High Peak
Tuesday 31st July 2018 @ 16:49 by Lee Wild
Hayfield News

There was a carnival atmosphere in Hayfield last week, as the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn fulfilled a pre-election promise to High peak MP Ruth George to visit her constituency.

Jeremy Corbyn visits the High Peak

WATCH: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was in Hayfield earlier this week, fulfilling a promise he made to MP Ruth George to visit the constituency should she win it. He gave a speech to a packed audience at the Royal George and revealed some prospective policies should the Labour Party gain power.

Gepostet von Glossop Chronicle am Freitag, 27. Juli 2018

The leader of the opposition took in a tour of the CEMEX quarry in Dove Holes as part of Labour’s ‘Build it in Britain’ campaign and gave a speech to hundreds of onlookers at the Royal Hotel.

The gathered crowd flew the flag of the European Union and other anti-brexit flags, making their feelings clear to the leader of the opposition.

It was a supportive crowd for the Islington North MP who outlined Labour policies were they to win the next election.

He began with a tribute to the Kinder Scout mass trespass and it’s leader Benny Rothman for fighting for the right to roam. He also touched upon the plight of the suffragettes and their fight to win the vote.

Mr Corbyn outlined his plans for education should Labour win the next election, detailing a “National Education Service”, similar to the NHS.

A speech on the difficulty of battling to be paid enough to live on was cheered loudly by the crowd, after the Labour leader said that we were “living in a society that is grotesquely in-equal, and getting worse.” He promised that a Labour Government would readdress what he called an imbalance of inequality and injustice.

He thanked Ruth George MP for winning the High Peak constituency during the last election and her opposition of Universal Credit.

Mr Corbyn highlighted the poor public transport for much of the UK, but in particular rural areas, and outlined Labour’s plans to bring railways back into public ownership were they to be elected.

Speaking directly to the Glossop Chronicle, Mr Corbyn said: “Fantastic reception, there’s a real spirit of enthusiasm here and for Ruth and all the work that she does as an MP.

“I wanted to come and thank her for what she does in our transport team, the work she does in exposing what Universal Credit is about and the way she represents this area in parliament – I think the High Peak should be very proud of her.

Mr Corbyn made a number of pledges to improve the lives of people in rural areas, saying he would: “Improve the bus service and invest in education for the future” adding “Above all, give young people the hope that they can stay in their community because we’ll be developing jobs in their area.”

Ruth George was delighted with the visit and told the Chronicle: “It was fantastic to welcome Jeremy Corbyn to High Peak and I was delighted that so many local people had the chance to hear him speak so inspiringly in Hayfield – and that he was stayed longer than he had originally planned.

“His visit has given a tremendous boost to High Peak and such hope for a Labour future.

“Jeremy is also well aware of the importance of our quarrying industry, both locally and nationally, so I was pleased to be able to take him to the CEMEX quarry in Dove Holes as part of Labour’s Build it In Britain campaign.”