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Padfield sends thousands of nappies to France
Thursday 13th September 2018 @ 16:43 by Lauren Entwistle
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A woman from Padfield has been collecting nappies – unused, of course – in aid of the Refugee Women’s Centre in Dunkirk.

Keli Tomlin, 32, saw that the charity, which supports both women and children in desperate and difficult situations by providing donated items such as winter clothes, pots and pans and hygiene products had suffered a huge loss after their storage warehouse burned down. All donations were destroyed in the blaze.

Keli, who first heard about the charity through a podcast called “The Guilty Feminist”, had always wanted to do something to help – but felt uncertain about what to do. She said hearing news of the fire gave her the “nudge” she needed to take action.

“I heard through Facebook that there had been a fire at the RWC warehouse… I pushed all the anxiety aside and went for it; figuring starting simple and ‘small’ would mean I’d actually get it done,” said Keli.

In response, Keli reached out to fellow parents and locals of Glossop alike in a bid to collect as many nappies as possible within a week, hoping to match the organisation’s need for the 800 to 1000 units of nappies that are distributed in that timescale.

“I contacted local parents via a Facebook group named ‘Mummy Lunch Club’ and also put it out on my personal Facebook and Instagram. I made up some posters and popped a few around Padfield, Hadfield and Glossop, including Manor Park. Then I set up an old recycling box outside for collections and hoped for the best. The response was way more than I could have imagined!”

From the 2nd September to the 9th, Keli was busily receiving packages of nappies that people were dropping off at her home in Padfield, which she shares with her husband Pete and little boy. Generous samaritans also donated cash, resulting in a whopping £90 haul from Aldi, with more nappies being dropped off at a designated point in Manor Park on the Saturday.

“I am pleased to say we smashed the target and collected 2878 nappies all together, which will cover almost a month for the RWC. They will be delivered to Dunkirk courtesy of Sheffield Donations for Refugees at the end of October.”

Keli finished by thanking the residents of Glossop and the surrounding areas for their help.

“Their generosity and kindness will affect many lives, including mine. It’s definitely not the last time I’ll be doing something like this – the response has been so inspiring!”

If you would like to find out more about the Refugee Women’s Centre, you can visit their website here: